Published Work

ARTISTIC LICENSE by Geoffrey Bradfield

ArtisticLicenseCoverA showcase of some of Geoffrey Bradfield’s finest work, Artistic License captures the masterful way he uses art in his sophisticated interiors. Few designers are as knowledgeable or as perceptive about the international art market as Bradfield. As the homes in this lavishly illustrated volume attest, he is unafraid to take risks, identifying emerging talents combining them in his exquisite interiors with acknowledged masters. Bradfield’s instinctive understing willingness to take liberties against a canvas of such refined luxury forms the very essence of Artistic License. The first American dual-language English/Chinese interior design book.

Written by Jorge S. Arango
Foreword by Yue-Sai Kan
Principal photographer Kim Sargent

(Below are some selected images from ARTISTIC LICENSE.)


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